Mother dog rescues drowning puppy from water hole

A nerve-shredding video has emerged showing a frantic mother dog trying to rescue her puppy that fell down a water hole.

The water initially looked just like a puddle, but on closer inspection it emerged that there was a large hole underneath the water.

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It appears that the German Shepherd was out on a walk when the poor puppy fell down the hole, and she jumped straight into action when she realised what had happened.

She is seen diving head first into the water, while her (presumed) owner tries to get rid of some water around the hole.

The dog soon submerges most of her body into the hole and finally reappears with her lifeless-looking puppy in her mouth.

The man then gives the little puppy CPR in a last bid to save its life.

And, thankfully, there's a happy ending to the story as we then see it reunited with mum and its siblings. Phew.