Farmer performs wheelies in his tractor 

A farmer in India has been filmed performing some impressive stunts in his tractor while ploughing his field.

The footage shows the man jumping aboard his red tractor and taking it for a spin through ploughed fields in the Punjab area of northern India

The vehicle can be seen accelerating rapidly before falling backwards and balancing on its rear two wheels as it continues to accelerate.

He even manages to get the tractor to do some wheelies, although at times the tractor seems to become stuck with the wheels just spinning around.

According to Exclusive Live, 21-year-old Gaggi Bansra is passionate about doing "daredevil" stunts. He told them: "It is a thrilling ride. It takes me to a different zone. I feel all pumped up while doing these stunts."

The Daily Mail also reported that Bansra has been perfecting his skills for at least four years after dropping out of college.

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