Latest Aeromobil flying car concept presented at Frankfurt

No vision of the distant future is complete without flying cars, but the latest manufacturer to dip its toe in the water claims that they could be a reality by 2021. Slovakian manufacturer Aeromobil has shown off its own flying car at the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.

The Aeromobil is a crazy mixture of car and plane, and can be switched between ground mode and flight mode in just three minutes, the manufacturer claims. On the ground, Aeromobil's front wheels are driven by an electric powertrain, which the company says gives a top speed of 99mph and a range of over 400 miles – great numbers for any electric car, let alone one that doubles as a plane.

Convert the carbon fibre body into flight mode, and the Aeromobil switches to a turbocharged 2.0-litre flat-four engine, producing 300bhp. The engine powers a direct-drive propeller, which Aeromobil says can keep the car flying at a maximum speed of 224mph, with a total flight range of 466 miles.

Being capable of flight throws up some concerns, so it's no surprise that the list of safety equipment includes not only airbags and pre-tensioner seatbelts, but a parachute, too. Sadly there's no word of whether an ejector seat will be available.

Douglas MacAndrew, Chief Technical Officer at Aeromobil said at the Frankfurt show: "Integrating flight and car travel is not simple, but having condensed approximately 60 man-years of research and development into three, the Aeromobil flying car is designed to meet the current legislative requirements."

Whether the Aeromobil will make its claimed 2021 debut remains to be seen. But maybe you should consider paving your back garden into an airstrip in preparation...

Aeromobil flying car
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Aeromobil flying car

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