Flaming Ford Ka terrifies bystanders in Walthamstow

Video footage has been posted of a flaming Ford StreetKa in Walthamstow, North London – and the moment it begins rolling towards traffic.

The car, which was stopped at the intersection of Church Hill and Hoe Street, was ablaze before the footage started. The video was posted on Facebook by pedestrian Ebru Ozz, who said she was walking home from work when she saw the vehicle and the terrified driver, who escaped without injury.

Although the driver had left the handbrake on, the video shows the car begin slowly rolling towards lanes of live traffic. Bystanders then attempted to stop the vehicle by throwing highway signs under the wheels, though the video cuts off before it stops completely.

Emergency services were said to be on the scene within minutes. Ozz said "... as far as I know the driver is fine and no-one was injured."

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