Brazilian tribe may have been murdered by gold miners

Ten members of an indigenous Brazilian tribe may have been brutally murdered by gold miners.

Prosecutors have launched an investigation.

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It happened in a remote area, near Peru's border, according to the New York Times.

The Brazilian agency on indigenous affairs, Funai, reportedly received an audio clip of the gold miners bragging about killing the indigenous people.

According to the Times, there was even a hand-carved paddle that had come from the tribe.

Reuters reports that, if confirmed, this would be the worst such tragedies since the murder of 16 Yanomami indigenous people in 1993.

This comes after budget cuts this year and reported increased attacks.

A spokesperson for Survival International, a non-profit that works to defend the annihilation of tribal peoples, said: "These tribes are completely vulnerable. If miners and loggers get into their land, they are very vulnerable to violence and diseases."

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