Toddler escapes from car seat - and manufacturer claims she's just 'clever'

A Devon mum has filmed her daughter escaping from a top-of-the-range car seat – and claims the manufacturer refused to admit fault, claiming she simply had a 'clever child who had worked it out'.

Mel Fordham got in touch with Joie, the makers of the £250 Spin 360 child seat, after her two-year-old daughter Everly managed to unbuckle herself on the move, causing her to fall and hit her head.

Mel, who has three other children and is due to give birth to her fifth in October, said she's 'at her wits end' worrying about Everly's safety. Joie's only advice was to 'tell her not to do it', while Mothercare, the store the seat was purchased from, will not provide a replacement seat.

Mel told the Daily Mail: "I contacted Joie on social media and they basically said that she is very clever and she's worked out how to do it. They suggested using shoulder pads, and talking to her and explaining it. "

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