Young girl takes control of her dad’s BMW M5 in car park

Start them young, raise them right – not normally a phrase associated with children and super-fast cars, but it certainly seems to be the parenting mantra on show in this video. It shows a little girl 'driving' a monstrously powerful BMW M5, while sat on her dad's lap.

Of course, the girl's father was controlling the pedals – thankfully, as we're not sure how much damage a five-year-old could do behind the wheel of an insane supersaloon. While the standard BMW M5 only has around 550bhp, this tuned example packs a whole lot more, with the video description claiming over 700bhp.

The girl steered the car around an empty car park, (presumably in the owner's hometown of Craiova, Romania) while her dad stabbed the accelerator – setting off peals of laughter every time he did. While we can't recommend this practice outside of a fully closed and totally safe environment, we doubt it's the first time it's happened. The girl certainly seemed to know what she was doing, expertly shuffling the wheel from hand to hand.

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