Watch as security guard stops car at intersection – so Drake’s motorcade can stay together

Dashcam footage has shown the moment when a motorcade following rapper Drake attempted to force its way into traffic, and things started to get ugly.

The rap superstar was travelling to the Toronto International Film Festival in his convertible Maybach limousine when his convoy ran afoul of a Tesla owner with a dashcam.

The motorcade, consisting of Drake's limo, two Cadillac Escalade SUVs and a Ford Expedition SUV, turned right into traffic, ahead of the camera car, which had the right of way. The camera car allowed the limo to continue but ended up between it and the rest of the motorcade.

The lead car, a Cadillac Escalade, then drove through a cycle lane to get ahead of the Tesla, while a security guard blocked the car from continuing. He threatened the driver, saying "I'll take your Tesla", while allowing the remainder of the four-car motorcade to join the flow of traffic.

The furious Tesla driver took the license plates of all four cars in the motorcade, but it's not known if any action was taken against the drivers or security staff.

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