The best and rarest cars of RM Sotheby's London auction

If you want to get your hands on a truly exclusive car, there's no point heading to your local used car lot. Instead, you'll want to peruse the car shows, top-end showrooms and car auctions – and RM Sotheby's latest London auction had plenty of cars to drool over going under the hammer.

After all, why content yourself with a boring second-hand VW Golf when, for the same money you could net yourself a one-off De Tomaso Guara prototype? Of course you'll have to learn to make do without an roof, windscreen, functioning interior, engine, or even wheels... but it's much more interesting, and that's all that really counts. It sold for just £4,200.

And that wasn't even the only De Tomaso prototype for sale. The other, a Nuova Pantera model, was slightly more complete and even came with wheels. Unfortunately, it would still never get on the road, as the 'windows' were solid plastic and the car had no interior. But one look at the sleek bodywork should convince you this one-off is worth the £19,200 it sold for.

If you needed something that could actually move under its own power though, there were plenty of other fully-functioning cars that went under the hammer. An original and unused Mazda RX-7 Group B works car, one of only seven assembled, had an auction estimate of £170,000 - £190,000. The catalogue described it as "quite possibly the only unused Works Group B rally car in the world".

Or how about one of the specially commissioned Land Rover Defenders used in the James Bond film, Spectre? Only ten were made, as part of a team effort from Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division and acclaimed Land Rover tuner Bowler. It's fully road-legal and has only 145 miles on the clock. No machine guns under the bonnet, though. It sold for an impressive £230,000.

Finally, described as '80's tuning at its finest', this '86 Gemballa Cyrrus is one of ten produced. It's based on a Porsche 911 930, but was modified almost beyond recognition with bespoke body panels and an upgraded interior. The original Porsche engine remains, though – an air-cooled flat-six, with just 19,400 miles on the clock. An acquired taste, but one that Porsche fans would drool over.

The best and rarest cars of RM Sotheby's London Auction
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The best and rarest cars of RM Sotheby's London Auction

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