Stick-wielding Scottish farmers attack cyclists during race

Cyclists taking part in a race through the mountains of the Scottish borders were attacked by elderly men with sticks trying to block their path.

The two men are thought to be local farmers protesting against road closures preventing them from getting to their fields during the busy harvest season.

Police are said to be investigating the incident want to speak to witnesses, as the men had disappeared by the time they arrived at the scene.

Cyclists have since posted their anger online against the men who disrupted the 74-mile race which began and ended at Peebles - around 23 miles south of Edinburgh. The event attracted over 2,000 competitors and resulted in the closure of several local roads.

The incident was captured on helmet-mounted cameras, as sticks were poked through the spokes of the bikes' wheels causing at least one rider to fall off. The men were stood in the middle of the A701 trying to stop cyclists from passing, forcing them to slow down or stop.

Cyclist Brian Ogg wrote on the event's Facebook page: "A great day out, however almost ruined by the two farmers who tried to create a road block ... by standing in the middle of the road with sticks in each hand trying to get them through the spokes."

Event organiser Neil Dalgleish told The Telegraph: "I think a truly special day was marred by some thugs, some idiots.

"Their behaviour is disgusting, and they are a disgrace to the whole of the Borders, let alone their own communities. We have had to make it clear that this kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable. It could have caused serious injuries or worse."

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said they were "aware of the interactions" and that "officers are still establishing the full circumstances"
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