Helmet cam shows moment motorbike collides with a pedestrian

Video has emerged of the moment a biker hits a female pedestrian as she crosses the road. The motorcyclist, YouTube user Chilla-94, was lane-splitting when the pedestrian stepped out into his path.

With only a moment's notice, he was unable to swerve and avoid her, and the pair collided, leaving both strewn across the road.

The biker and the pedestrian both clambered to the side of the road where an argument regarding fault ensued. The biker was lane-splitting, a controversial practice where motorbikes and other two-wheeled vehicles can drive alongside stationary traffic.

While plenty would like to see the act of lane-splitting outlawed, it remains legal in this country and can be done safely. The biker said in a YouTube comment: "In regards to aggressive driving the speed limit was 30 I was doing 20 [sic]."

Both parties appeared to be uninjured in the aftermath of the video.

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