Police stop driver sitting on a mattress instead of a seat

Police in Queensland, Australia have charged a motorist who was stopped and found to be using a rather unusual substitute for a standard car seat – a rolled up mattress with a tarpaulin on it.

New video footage shows the officer performing the arrest, with the incredulous motorist asking why he's been stopped. As the driver lights a cigarette, the officer replies: "Well, it's got no seat in it, that's the first thing..."

The car was totally missing both its front seats, leaving the motorist on his homemade perch while the passenger had to crouch on the floor. Due to the lack of seating, both the driver and passenger were unable to wear their seatbelts – an offence under Australian traffic law.

The driver, stopped in Drayton, West Queensland, has been charged with the offence, as well as driving on a disqualified license. His car has been impounded and he will face traffic court in Toowoomba in October.

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