Terrifying footage shows eight-car crash on M65 in heavy fog

What's your first reaction if you drive into heavy fog? It should be to slow down, as this video proves. Here we can see a terrifying eight-car pileup on the M65 in Lancashire, caused by a sudden belt of all-encompassing fog hiding the tail of a traffic jam. The footage was shared on Facebook by Chris Heys, and the footage shows his wife driving the camera car.

The camera car manages to brake and stop in time, but captures two high-speed rear-enders in quick succession, as both a Peugeot SUV and Mercedes saloon fail to avoid the cars in front of them.

A Ford hatchback and articulated lorry both manage to avoid further damage, with the lorry pulling up just feet from the back of another car. However, a sudden jolt a few seconds later suggests that the lorry was rear-ended by another vehicle out of sight of the camera.

Heavy fog has been responsible for some of Britain's worst road accidents in previous years, with both a 100-car pileup on the Sheppey Bridge in 2013 and a 34-car incident on the M5 in 2011 attributed to poor visibility in fog.

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