Reckless Renault driver almost causes several collisions

This is the frightening moment a Renault driver almost ran two cars off the road.

The incident, which was caught on dashcam - sees a group of vehicles making their way along a road in Bar Hill, Cambridge.

Suddenly, a blue Renault Megane can be seen overtaking and swerving towards the car with the camera, narrowly missing the front of their car.

The Renault then proceeds to overtake into oncoming traffic, driving erratically and narrowly avoiding a head-on collision.

They then veer aggressively towards a Volvo estate, with the driver taking evasive action, swerving to avoid being hit.

The Megane then overtakes a lorry. Clearly not happy with the actions of the Renault, the Volvo begins to accelerate rapidly before waiting for an opportunity to overtake the lorry and chase after the car.

According to the uploader the footage has been sent to the police but so far they have had no response.

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