Python found in car bonnet - can you spot it?

Roshina Jowaheer

A sneaky python was spotted hiding in a car bonnet in Australia.

The snake, which was discovered by a Queensland driver, was removed by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers. It was spotted when the motorist was in Coolum Beach, but could have hitched a ride from Noosa, 17 miles away.

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Sharing a photo of the stowaway snake on Facebook, the snake catching firm wrote: "The removal of a panel inside this car revealed a hitch hiker!"

Answering a question from one user who asked how the snake was removed from the side of the bonnet without injuring it, the company said: "Just a lot of gently prodding and ticking of its tail! Eventually he came out in to an area I could get him out without hurting him."

It comes after a woman in Australia filmed the moment two pythons were entangles in a duel at her home.

The video showed the pair of snakes fighting on the porch as their heads swayed at the New South Wales location.

Uploaded by Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher, the clip was described as "a great example of male combat".

The pythons were believed to be two males trying to dominate each other.