'Gravy train' anger as BBC 'awards 10% pay rises'


Nearly 1,800 BBC staff reportedly saw their pay increased by more than 10% last year.

The corporation confirmed that staff enjoyed a 1% rise in 2016 and said bigger salaries reflected promotions.

But 1,763 of the 19,357 full-time staff in the UK saw their pay packets jump by more than 10%, according to a Freedom of Information request reported in The Sun.

The increases cost the taxpayer a total of £13,933,500, the paper said.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen told The Sun: "It underlines why so many people despair of the BBC.

"The gravy train continues to roll. The BBC talks about austerity but they have clearly never experienced it."

A spokesman for the BBC said there had been pay rises but said many were as a result of people being given "significant extra responsibilities".

He said: "BBC staff received a 1% pay rise last year but in any large organisation - especially when making significant back office savings like the BBC - there will be people who are promoted or take on significant extra responsibilities which will be reflected in their salary."

Documents released earlier this year revealed the BBC's highest paid stars, with Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans topping the list on more than £2 million.