Instagram mention for Churchill as new US ambassador to UK sworn in

Senate Foreign Relations Committee
Senate Foreign Relations Committee

The new US ambassador to Britain highlighted a bust of Sir Winston Churchill in the Oval Office while being sworn in to the role.

Donald Trump put a video of Woody Johnson's swearing-in on social media site Instagram, with the comment: "Congratulations Robert Wood Johnson! #TeamTrumpBTS #Ambassador #UnitedKingdom #USA".

In the film, President Trump is seen alongside Mr Johnson and his family as the new ambassador takes the oath at the White House.

Mr Johnson said: "This is the greatest privilege of my life, as I stand here in the Oval Office and look upon the statue of Winston Churchill, who our president brought in on his first day."

The wartime leader's likeness was replaced by a bust of civil rights champion Martin Luther King Jr during Barack Obama's presidency.

Businessman and philanthropist Mr Johnson has previously pledged to work to strengthen the "special relationship" between Britain and the US.

Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson IV is a long-time Republican Party fundraiser with no government experience.

He replaces Matthew Barzun, who led the drive for grassroots donations to Mr Obama's 2008 campaign, in the US ambassador role.