Toddler dies after being left to nap in hot car in Austria

Valley Alps
Valley Alps

A baby boy died after being left in a hot car in the town of Nenzing in Austria.

Police said on Thursday that the toddler's 17-year-old mother and her boyfriend did not want to wake him up after a long car journey and left the child asleep while they went upstairs for a nap.

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The Local reports that when the boyfriend went down to the car, he found the child's lifeless body.

A police statement said: "An autopsy... in Innsbruck established the cause of death as heat stroke."

The couple are now receiving counselling.

In 2015, a baby died in Florida when she was left in a hot car for an entire day.

Elementary school teacher Jamie Buckley pulled up for work at the Cedar Grove School in Panama City at around 7.30am and forgot her toddler was on the back seat.

She returned to the vehicle at around 3.15pm, by which time her daughter had died.