Revealed: The UK airport and airline with the worst delays

Roshina Jowaheer

Gatwick Airport has been named Britain's worst airport for delays, where the average delay on outbound flights is 27 minutes.

A BBC report found that easyJet was the worst major airline for delays, with flights delayed by an average of 24 minutes.

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The analysis, based on Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data over the last two summers, showed that Aer Lingus delays were half the length of easyJet, at 12 minutes.

Both Gatwick Airport and easyJet responded that they were top of the list as a result of having the most flights to and from Europe, where many delays are beyond their control.

A spokesperson for Gatwick told the BBC: "We operate the world's busiest and most efficient single runway airport, but, over recent years, Gatwick has been disproportionately affected by issues beyond our control.

"These include repeated strike action by French, Greek, Spanish and Italian air traffic controllers and airport employees, prolonged bad weather, and heavily congested airspace above parts of Europe and London."

Among the list of UK airports, London City had the shortest average delay at 13 minutes.