Candy carrying truck slammed into by train

This is the frightening moment a lorry was hit by a train.

The truck, which was carrying a freight of candy at the time, had been driving over a level crossing but became grounded causing it to get stuck.

The incident happened on Locust Grove in Georgia. Kelli Nichols shot the footage from her truck after she had made sure the driver was clear of the stranded vehicle.

The train impacts very loudly before violently sending the truck careering down the tracks. Boxes containing thousands of bags of soft mint candy can be seen exploding out of the wagon.

Locust Grove Police confirmed there were no injuries during the incident and that the train was moved on again.

Nichols spoke to WSB-TV 2, saying: "It did shake me to the core, but I was thankful that I could tell that there weren't any people in the truck."

According to reports police plan to charge the driver after it emerged he ignored several warning signs near the tracks.

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