Shocking clip shows reckless Audi driver use central reservation to overtake

This is the shocking moment a driver was seen recklessly overtaking on the central reservation.

Lee Borastero was driving with his family to Exmouth, Devon along the M5 when the incident happened.

Caught on dash cam, a black Audi A7 can be seen driving dangerously close to the rear of a silver people carrier, forcing it to move aside before accelerating hard behind a Volvo V40.

The Audi suddenly begins to overtake on the right despite there being no lane there. He uses what little tarmac there is and ends up on the central reservation with dust and debris flying into the carriageway.

The Volvo has no choice but to move over to stop an accident occurring. The Audi then speeds off into the distance, although not before a piece of trim comes off the car and darts across the third lane of the motorway.

Borastero spoke to the Metro, saying: "He came up behind me at a rapid rate of knots. I saw him and moved over, but then he went past a Vauxhall and ended up behind the Volvo, which he forced his way past.

"My van got peppered with dust. It was tarmac when he started the overtaking move but it was grass verge at the end."

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