Waitrose follows Tesco with 'tampon tax' cut

Tampons versus sanitary pads
Tampons versus sanitary pads

Waitrose has become the second UK supermarket chain to announce it is cutting the cost of women's sanitary products to absorb the so-called "tampon tax".

The move comes after Tesco announced last month that it would be implementing a 5% reduction on nearly 100 products.

Waitrose will cut prices by the same amount to cover the cost of VAT on 97 products, including both branded and own-label goods.

The changes, which the high street giant hopes will make goods "more affordable", will come into effect during the course of the week.

Michael Andrews, director of buying at Waitrose, said: "By covering the VAT cost and reducing the price by 5%, we are confident it will make a difference to our customers."

VAT is currently charged on tampons and sanitary towels, but former chancellor George Osborne announced in his 2016 budget that he would get rid of the controversial tax - a move expected to come into force in 2018.

It followed an online petition which attracted 320,088 signatures.