Public signs warn people not to defecate in Peterborough

Public signs warn people not to defecate in Peterborough

Signs warning people not to defecate in public have been put up in Peterborough.

The signs are part of a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) zone created by Peterborough City Council, and on-the-spot fines can be handed out.

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The Peterborough PES (Prevention and Enforcement Service), shared the news on its Twitter page.

Speaking to the BBC, John Read from Clean Up Britain, said: "It's a very sad indictment on our society that people have to be reminded not to defecate in a public place.

"It's ridiculous for councils to have to waste money putting up these sort of signs, but the same very much applies to litter and fly-tipping.

"I'm afraid it seems to be symptomatic of a decline in community pride and respect for the wider environment."

A PES spokesperson said that the two PSPOs cover a range of anti-social behaviour, including defecation, but that they anticipate the majority of fines to be issued for littering.

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