Police officer criticised over 140mph video clip

A police officer from Devon and Cornwall police has been criticised after posting a video of a colleague driving at 140mph on the M5 at night.

At the time Sergeant Harry Tangye was responding to a call about a break in at a scrap yard and was traveling twice the speed limit to get to the incident.

After the video was posted on Twitter, many people began to criticise the clip. One woman wrote: "From the woman sitting on the Clapham Omnibus 140mph is out of proportion to the incident. A scrap yard location?"

Another said: "It does nobody any good if you cannot safely get to the scene. I understand being in a hurry but 140mph is irresponsible. No reaction time."

Tangye responded by defending his actions, saying: "Many nasty incidents have happened by scrap thieves when disturbed at night."

Two suspects at the scene later turned out to ne the owner's son and his friend.

Tangye was also criticised back in August 2016 for taking a selfie from the scene of a 19-mile traffic jam on the M5 caused by a woman threatening to take her own life.

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