This map of Europe is the rudest map ever

If you need cheering up today, this funny map of Europe's daftest and rudest place names should do the trick.

Who knows what joys are in store at Arsoli, in Italy, or Windpassing in the Ukraine?

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Click on the slideshow below to see a selection of some of the funniest place names in Europe.

Europe's funniest place names
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Europe's funniest place names
New research from Monarch has revealed that one in six Brits are put off visiting places that have an unsavoury name, despite 95 per cent saying that they like to travel to new locations. With this in mind, we teamed up with the low-cost airline to bring you 20 of rudest and funniest places around Europe, which are prettier than their names suggest. Prepare to be amused by these towns with hilarious monikers, including Weener, Ugley and Bitche...
Despite today’s more ominous connotations, Monster has somewhat holy origins. Most probably derived from the Latin word meaning monastery, the area was once a destination for pilgrimages and much of this history is still revered and respected today.

Don’t be put off by the peculiar name for a town, where locals are known as Bitchois and Bitchoises, as Bitche in north-eastern France is stunning. Famed for its citadel, the town has been subject to besiege and wars in its long and colourful history.

A little village in the region of southern Umbria, Bastardo was originally a stabling station for cattle and horses. The easiest way to access this town is via Rome. The sleepy town isn’t one to visit if you want a buzzing nightlife, but nice to see for a day as part of your Italian adventure.
Chocolate box village Nasty, in leafy Hertfordshire, is home to rolling hills, bountiful wildlife and thatched cottages. Everything about this area oozes 'nice' and if you are fortunate enough to engage with the friendly local residents, you’ll never want leave. Nearby, there is a raspberry farm where you can pick your punnet of raspberries, and enjoy tea and scones in the accompanying teahouse.
Bidet in France lives within Les Lèves, which boasts beautiful wineries sitting within the eastern reguon of Bordeaux. Wine aside, the region also has remarkable gardens to enjoy, as well as cathedrals and quaint local markets.
Angers is steeped with history and was first mentioned in texts as early as 150 AD – for many centuries the commune signaled high importance in northwestern France. Nowadays, it boasts universities, museums and the world’s biggest medieval tapestry ensemble. Orange-flavoured liquer Cointreu is also made in the region.
Home to the slow food movement and Italian fashion (though sadly, not lingerie), this town founded the world’s first University of Gastronimic Sciences, so food is certainly the bloodline of this gorgeous little Bra.
If boating and fishing is your thing, go no further than this idyllic coastal town and fishing port in Cornwall where it is even possible to spot exotic sharks. Looe also has some of the best New Year celebrations in the UK, with revellers wearing fancy dress in the streets.
With vast mountainous terrain and lush flora, this place doesn’t smell anything like rotten eggs - in fact, quite the opposite. Famed for the quality of its fresh air and 360-degree views, the village of Rottenegg received its name from the now unoccupied Rottenegg Castle (pictured), barely a kilometre away. The region offers ample opportunites for hikers to appreciate the surroundings from a number of vantage points.

Despite neighbouring the more lively towns of Benidorm, Valencia and Alicante (pictured), this boutique and traditional town has charm all of its own, and has produced some of Spain’s brightest talent. Notable Spanish archaeologist and historian, José María Soler García, was born here and El Morron is home to one of Spain’s most popular and important composers, Ruperto Chapi.

You don’t need good grades to be able to appreciate all that Fail has to offer. The grapes in this area are firmly founded in Hispanic roots and this is expressed in the fruitful wine industry, particularly Dão. This region is one of the oldest established wine regions in Portugal and with numerous acclaimed wine tours available.
Not too far from the hamlet of Nasty in the UK, is the sweet little town called Ugley in Uttlesford, Essex. It boasts stunning churches and architecture – a far cry from ugly!
Perhaps there is a hint of truth in Drama’s name. Heavily invested in tobacco production, trade and the rail network, Drama has had to balance an increase in population and commercialism while still preserving the ancient ruins that serve as an inspiring reminder of its Byzantine influences.
The only kind of air disturbances you’ll be experiencing here are cool breezes. In this area, which is made up of four towns, you can truly embrace nature with a multitude of mountains, rivers and caves. The Danube River, Europe’s second longest, isn’t far from Windpassing, and is a spectacle to behold.
Weener is located near the border of the Netherlands on the River Ems, attracting keen cyclists to the popular biking route. Contrary to its name, there is a higher female population than male in this town.
Quintessentially French, Reigny typically sees an average of five hours of sunshine every day. Its name is the antithesis of what you’d expect from such a place, as Reigny actually experiences lower than average levels of rainfall. With the Romanesque St Martin Church standing tall nearly 1,000 years after construction, it’s one of the few man-made additions to the breathtaking, evergreen surroundings you’ll find yourself immersed in.
Depressa in Italy is far from depressing. Known for its local olive oil, artichokes and tomatoes, it is part of a food region with beautiful medieval towns and secret coves with turquoise waters.

Contrary to its unfortunate name, Piles is in the beautiful province of Valencia. Built with considerably more finesse than the name suggests, one of the watchtowers to defend Valencia from North African forces was built in 1577 and offers amazing vantage points the guardsmen would have had in the 16th century. There are also stunning beaches in nearby Gandia.

Boring in Denmark is anything but dull. Located in the Midtjylland region, it is a short drive from the musical hub of Horsens. Renowned for cultural and the arts, Horsens has hosted performances by world-class entertainers such as Bob Dylan, Madonna and The Rolling Stones.

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