Amazing moment brave man drives burning lorry away from buildings

Dramatic footage has emerged from China showing the bravery of a man as he drives a burning lorry away from buildings.

The truck can be seen reversing inside a compound of buildings when it starts smouldering. People are quickly alerted to the situation and begin to evacuate. The lorry driver leaves the cab as the load – which appears to be mattresses - begin to catch fire and fall off the lorry.

Realising that the buildings and people around him are in danger, the brave lorry driver jumps back into the cab and quickly drives the burning wreck out of the compound into the street - away from anything that could also catch fire.

The incident was captured on CCTV in the Suzhou area of Jiangsu Province in China on August 2.

The footage shows the fire quickly taking hold after the lorry is left in the street outside. People try to extinguish the flames themselves, but soon the fire brigade can be seen tackling the blaze.

Amazingly nobody was injured according to local media.

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