A plane smashes into a car after using road as a runway

This is the bizarre moment a man captured a plane traveling down a road in Russia.

Even more strange was that it was using the road to take off from. The footage shows the small prop plane as it begins to accelerate down the narrow road that looks to be in a small town.

As it approaches, two cars narrowly avoid a head on collision with it, diving out of the way before it speeds past, using the road as a runway to taxi on.

The cameraman, clearly astonished by what he is witnessing, continues to film as it starts to attempt a take-off. The tail begins to hit the ground, causing smoke to emit from the rear.

You soon realise why it was in a rush to take off, as a pickup truck is sat at a red traffic light. The plane can't stop in time and ploughs right into the back of the vehicle, as the wings narrowly avoid hitting a pedestrian.

It is not known if anyone on board the plane was injured during the crash.

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