Shocking moment cyclist punches a driver following a collision

A cyclist has been caught on camera assaulting another driver.

The incident happened in an apparent outburst of road rage between a cyclist and a Mazda MX-5 that pulled out in front of the cyclist - causing a collision.

The man on the bike goes flying over the top of the Mazda as it blindly merges onto the road. The cyclist then gets up and opens the driver's door before punching them repeatedly.

The footage was captured by another motorist with their dash cam. It happened on the junction of Spring Street and York Street in Bedminster, Bristol.

Gerwyn Edwards, 35, from Portishead, North Somerset, spoke with the Sun, saying: "I couldn't believe it. We all get angry but that was ridiculous. I was in shock for a couple of hours.

"I've driven around Bristol a lot and seen a lot of things happen between drivers and cyclists but never anything this violent. He whacked him straight on the jaw. It looked pretty hard as well."

After being assaulted, the Mazda driver quickly accelerates off as the cyclist throws his helmet to the ground, clearly still in a fit of rage.

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