Racing driver performs incredible near-save at Brands Hatch

A racing driver had a major moment behind the wheel of his Volkswagen Golf at Brands Hatch on Saturday.

Kenan Dole was leading into the first corner during a VAG Trophy saloon car race when he lost grip and began a sequence of near-crashes.

The onboard footage of the moment shows Team HARD driver Dole battling his car as it breaks into a slide halfway through the notorious Paddock Hill Bend, and continuing to fight for control on the uphill approach to Druids Hairpin.

Speaking to AOL, Dole said: 'At the beginning of the moment, there are little ones, little slides, and I was thinking that I needed to get through them as they were the worst ones to control. I couldn't move my arms and hands quick enough to keep up with it!

'I was just literally flinging the wheel as fast as I could.'

As Dole arrived on the outside of the hairpin, it looked as though he may have got away with the moment. However, he hit fellow competitor Simon Walton while trying to straighten up the steering, which ended both drivers' races prematurely.

'After the biggest slide of all at the top of the hill, I still wasn't completely in control. The car was still trying to go sideways when the contact happened,' Dole said. 'I still had to make the next corner, and the other car tried to dive up the inside – I'm not blaming anyone, but if that were me I would have hung back instead.

'It was a bit heartbreaking for it to end like that'.

Dole's car suffered suspension and driveshaft damage in the impact, but was rebuilt in time for the second race. He started 20th and battled his way up the order to finish in seventh place.

By Adam Weller

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