Angry driver repeatedly rams car in road rage incident

Video footage has captured an angry driver repeatedly rear-ending a car in California.

The driver of a gold car can be seen at the start of the video with the front of his vehicle already dented. It's not known how the incident started but he then repeatedly rams the white car in front of him at a busy junction, in a reported outbreak of road rage.

The crazy driver then hits a car behind him when he reverses. Eventually the driver reverses a bit further before ramming the white car a final time and speeds off down the road.

The incident happened in Huntington Park, Los Angeles and was posted online by Gus Juanillo.

The driver was eventually apprehended after running into five parked cars, KABC reported.

Police told the news outlet that by the time they arrived on the scene, the man's car had caught fire.

The suspect was arrested after he was hospitalised for his injuries. While his name was not released, he is likely to face multiple charges.

The driver in the white car also suffered minor injuries in the incident.

By Ted Welford

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