Moment airport worker struck by lightning

Ruth Doherty

The moment an airport ground worker was struck by lightning has been caught on camera.

Austin Dunn, 21, is lucky to be alive after he received third degree burns in the incident at Southwest Florida International Airport on 22 July, reports Fox News.

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He was on the tarmac with other employees backing up a Sun Country airplane when the bolt of lightning struck.

Dunn was working under the plane's right wing when a bolt of lightning struck the tail of the plane. The electrical current travelled through the metal fuselage and into Dunn, who collapsed immediately.

He was rushed to Lee Memorial Hospital with third-degree burns to the majority of his body, as well as a host of other injuries including nerve and brain damage.

According to Global News, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family. It reads: "Austin was struck by lightning at work. It went through his right hand out his left. He is recovering at Tampa General Hospital . He has third degree burns on his hands, feet and chest. He has some blood in the brain. The surgeons will be coming in the morning to decide what they are doing with his right hand. He has severe muscle damage.

"All your prayers are asked for him and his family ❤️ We will update as we can on here.

"Due to him being in Tampa his parents are locals in fort Myers fl they are paying for hotel rooms and everything to be there for there son. Also medical bills and expenses.

"Anything helps this family. Even if it's just your prayers. Austin is loved by many people and his whole family as well as him thanks you for all the support."

Austin has now been released from hospital and will continue treatment at home.

The NY Post reports that his sister Autumn Dunn said: "We knew he wouldn't give up. Once we knew he was alive, it was a relief but it was definitely the scariest thing. You don't expect it."

Southwest airport said its lightning warning system was activated when Dunn was hit.