Why aren't Brits insuring their gadgets on holiday?

Emma Woollacott
A smartphone lies broken between the shoes of its owner just after being dropped.
A smartphone lies broken between the shoes of its owner just after being dropped.

The average Brit will take gadgets worth £528 on holiday with them this year - but more than a third won't have bothered to insure them.

In fact, says tech insurer Protect Your Bubble, 13% of holidaymakers will pack their suitcases with more than £1,000 worth of tech items.

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And, it points out, with a staggering £6.4 billion of tech having been lost, damaged or stolen on holidays over the last two years, this is a big risk to take.

Theft, of course, is always an issue. Gadgets are most likely to be stolen from hotel rooms in France, Italy and the USA, while holidaymakers are most likely to be targeted by pickpockets in Turkey, Greece and Spain.

However, there's the risk of accidents too - particularly dropping a gadget while walking, in the swimming pool or in the sea, or leaving it out in direct sunlight so that it overheats.

"The age of being able to easily rescue a water-damaged phone in a bag of rice is long gone, and with many flagship smartphones now costing more than £600, Instagramming by the pool or Snapchatting at the beach comes at a potentially enormous cost," says Rob Basinger, UK head of Protect Your Bubble.

"While our research suggests that Brits on holiday in Turkey are most likely to be pickpocketed and those in France are most likely to have gadgets stolen from their hotel room, thieves target distracted tourists everywhere."

In some cases, insurance claims can be pretty entertaining - for those of us that haven't experienced them, that is. Claims received by Protect Your Bubble in the last few years include "A monkey stole my phone whilst we were at a monkey sanctuary," and "I dropped my phone down a Portaloo at a donkey sanctuary and a member of staff had to fish it out," for example.

"Stay vigilant, look out for anything suspicious and keep your valuables secure and hidden when possible," advises Basinger.

"Ensure you have appropriate cover for your valuables, and double check any existing travel insurance policies cover all of your devices before you jet off."