Nine people run from car following crash

This is the surprising moment when NINE people fled from a car following a crash involving a Honda Civic and a white Audi.

The footage was captured on CCTV on Friday evening in the Belgrave area of Leicester and shows the young men fleeing from the scene after their Honda ran into the back of the Audi saloon.

After the Honda driver had inspected the damage, seven other occupants got out of the car and ran back down the street they had just driven up.

He then checked the vehicle again, but before running from the scene he opened the boot of the Japanese hatchback to let the ninth occupant out.

It appears that the Audi driver was unhurt from the incident, which is currently being investigated by Leicestershire Police.

An eyewitness told the Telegraph: "It was like a clown car, the people just kept appearing. It's the kind of shunt you often see in wet conditions and with the light fading. But what happens next is astonishing.

"First one guy gets out, then another, then another, and then another - they just keep on coming. It's like they're never going to stop."

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