Impatient driver plunges off ferry and into water

An impatient driver was caught on camera plunging off the edge of a ferry and into the water below because he couldn't wait for it to dock.

The incident happened as the boat was coming in to dock somewhere along the coastline of the Republic of Crimea.

The video shows passengers and other cars' waiting patiently while the boat lines up with the shoreline and then proceeds towards the port.

However, a Lada can be seen starting its engine and revving it before accelerating towards the boat's exit, which is still not fully open yet.

In a scene that resembles that of a Starsky and Hutch episode, the Lada zooms up the ramp before falling over the edge into the water below.

People all around look genuinely shocked and lots of people come running over to help, shouting for the boat to stop as they attempt to help the occupants of the car.

Luckily nobody was injured in the incident and the vehicle was later recovered from the water by a specialist salvage team.

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