Meet the one-year-old who can name more cars than most adults

A one-year-old has become a video star after showing his incredible knowledge of cars.

Nicholas Drake, from the US, has gone viral after appearing on video site Ellentube, where he names a whole range of cars from Mini Coopers and Bugattis.

The toddler can be seen rattling off the names of cars with his father on a laptop, getting all of them correct when they go through a long list of vehicles.

He can't hide his excitement and is delighted when at the end, his father asks: "Do you want to watch cars go fast?".

Comments on the videos have been very supportive of the child. One person commented: "I think the most impressive thing about this is how quick he is at it. He didn't have to think about any of them, not even the everyday ones like the Honda."

By Ted Welford

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