Fleeing burglar caught after getting stuck in traffic

A burglar's attempt to flee from police was thwarted after he got caught in traffic and ploughed into cars.

The incident was caught on CCTV on April 12 when Martin Tolan drove a stolen Mini Convertible along Bristol Road in Birmingham while being chased by police, then he encountered heavy traffic.

Tolan, 28, of Central Avenue, Northfield, can be seen smashing into several vehicles, including a grey BMW 3 Series that drives forward quickly to help police block the car in.

Officers with tasers can then be seen smashing the windows of the stolen Mini before dragging Tolan out of the car and arresting him and a passenger.

DNA from a wrench left in one of the burgled homes matched Tolan's and at Birmingham Crown Court on Thursday, he admitted a series of burglary, dangerous driving, handling stolen goods and theft offences spanning nearly a decade.

He was sentenced to nine years and 11 months in prison.

Detective Sergeant Toni Holl of West Midlands police said after the case: "Residents can sleep more soundly knowing Tolan is behind bars.

"Several of his victims were woken to find him intruding in their homes while others only found their cars gone in the morning.

"No-one was injured but I'm glad the court has recognised the prolific nature of Tolan's offending, plus the psychological impact burglary can have on victims, and jailed him for a long time."

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