Five best digital radios for every budget

Fed up with weak FM signals and fuzzy sound? Invest in a decent DAB radio and you can enjoy excellent audio quality and get access to more stations than FM. Some of the latest models also come with internet radio (with millions of stations from around the world) and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play music wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet. Here are five of the best...

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1. Revo SuperConnect

Revo's SuperConnect regularly tops the digital radio 'best buys' lists. Boasting internet radio along with DAB, DAB+, FM and Bluetooth, it also comes with Spotify Connect - so if you have a premium Spotify subscription you can play tracks on the radio from your smartphone. Easy to use and with impressive sound, it looks great too – coming in walnut and silver, matte white and silver, and black and silver.
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2. Pure Evoke D4 Portable Digital DAB/FM Radio with Alarm

The Evoke D4 delivers on all fronts. It has DAB, DAB+ and FM tuners (no internet radio though) and a high powered 8 watt speaker – all cased in a handsome real-wood cabinet exterior. We like how it comes with a remote control and alarms and timers (use it in the kitchen or as an alarm clock). If you need to go from room to room, you can buy an optional rechargeable battery pack to make it portable.

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3. VQ Hepburn Mk II

If you're looking for something fun and funky, the VQ Hepburn Mk II comes in a wide range of colours and patterns and gets top reviews on Amazon (4.5 out of 5 stars). Along with DAB, DAB+ and FM tuners, it comes with a clock alarm and Bluetooth streaming – so you can listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks from your phone, tablet or other smart device wirelessly. Another nice feature is the handy USB port, allowing you to charge your phone or tablet directly from the radio.

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4. Ruark Audio R1 Mk3

The Ruark Audio R1 Mk3 came top in TrustedReviews' best digital radios feature recently – and for good reason. For its compact size, the radio packs plenty of features and delivers excellent sound quality. In addition to first-class DAB and FM radio playback, it comes with Bluetooth for streaming from a mobile device. And if you want to listen on the move, you can buy a battery pack to make it portable. Not to be outdone, it also features a USB socket for charging your phone or tablet.

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5. Goodmans Pebble DAB Digital and FM Radio

If you want something cheap and cheerful, Goodman's Pebble is hard to beat. Available in a range of bright colours (including pink, purple, blue, lemon, black and grey), it is super simple to use and the sound quality is surprisingly good. While there's no connectivity, wired or otherwise, it's a great little portable radio - ideal for kids or taking into the garden/while you're doing the decorating.

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