Road-rage brawl unfolds on Sydney street

Footage has captured the moment a road-rage incident escalated into a fight in rush-hour traffic in Sydney.

Two men in an Audi S3 threatened the two occupants of a grey Hyundai I30 at traffic lights in Merrylands in the Australian city. The men then get out of the hatchback and the four of them start fighting in the middle of the road.

One man then jumps back into the Audi, leaving the other man to fend for himself against the occupants of the Hyundai.

Bystanders then step in to end the fight.

Bill Bridle, who filmed the incident and posted the video on social media, can be heard swearing in disbelief at what unfolds in front of him.

A woman claims to have seen the men in the black Audi driving around the nearby streets in a dangerous manner, just after the time when police believed the incident happened.

She told Daily Mail Australia: "The idiot was coming on the other side of the road and did a three-point turn in front of traffic.

"He was speeding up the street overtaking everybody ... he looked like he was on a mission."

Police have now identified all four men and interviewed at least two of them.

By Ted Welford

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