Student parks car in neighbour’s drive before going home to China

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A couple from Aberystwyth in west Wales found that their student neighbour had parked his car on their driveway without their knowledge before flying home to China for the summer holidays.

The couple returned home to find a black Citroen C4 parked on their driveway, with a note attached to the windscreen. It read: "Hi, it's Jack from 23 Glan Rheidol, thank you for let me park my car here.

"If you don't mind, can you help me to take care of my plant as well please? I will bring back some presents from China for you."

Astounded, they decided to consult the police and the council on the matter, who have told them that if they move the car they must be careful not to damage it.

One of the owners of the house, 76-year-old Tom, explained that so far the car has been there for two weeks. He told The Sun: "The person who owns the car is a Chinese student who is renting a property across the road. He seems to have gone home for the summer. Looking out, all you see is this black car. It is very annoying.

"We have tried to get a company to move it but nobody wants to risk damaging it."

Tom's wife Julia, 73, received a phone call from the student, asking for her forgiveness. He also explained that he would send the keys in the post so they could move the vehicle.

She said: "I asked him, 'Why did you do it?' He said he's so sorry, he's heartbroken. I told him he's done more harm to myself and my husband. I thought he'd have an asthma attack because of the stress."

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