Take a sneak peek at the Sultan of Brunei’s car collection

Known for being one of the biggest car collectors in the world, the Sultan of Brunei's collection is supposedly between 5,000 and 7,000 strong.

It is also a very well guarded, with nobody ever getting a glimpse inside, until now.

This footage has emerged showing just a selection of his staggering garage, and includes some of the rarest and most desirable cars in the world.

What's so astonishing though, isn't just what he has but how many of each model, with one picture showing four very rare Porsche 959s that today are worth as much as £1 million each.

Other incredible cars featuring in the video include a few Bugatti EB110s and several Jaguar XJ220s. There's even a custom made yellow Bentley SUV from the 1990s called the 'Dominator.'

Another custom car is a Ferrari 456 turned into an estate car, called the Venice GT, and a totally unique convertible version.

It is not known how old the pictures are but they show cars from several periods of time. Many of the cars seem to be divided into categories of colour or model, with yellow cars being shown in one group that includes a canary coloured McLaren F1.

According to a report posted by the Daily Mirror he owns at least 452 Ferraris, 604 Rolls Royce's and 574 Mercedes-Benz to name a few.

However, over the years there have been reports that many of these cars sit rotting away, unloved in various warehouses throughout Brunei. Some have never even been driven.

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