Moped gang rob Porsche driver at knife point

Dashcam footage has captured the shocking moment a Porsche driver was targeted by a moped gang in South East London in broad daylight.

The mopeds can be seen approaching a white Porsche Panamera while it was stopped in traffic and threatening the driver with a blade through the car's window.

The incident occurred on Ladywell Road, Lewisham. The victim, a man in his 30s, was not injured in the attack, but was robbed of his watch in the frightening incident. It occurred at around 6:30pm on July 6, police have said.

It comes after a spate of violent moped gang attacks have recently occurred across London.

A spokesperson for the Met police told MailOnline: "Two mopeds with two males on each pulled next to his car – the pillion passenger of one of the mopeds brandished a knife through the open window. Both mopeds then drove away. The victim called police – he was not injured."

Police have asked anyone with information to contact Lewisham CID via 101, or alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. Enquiries are on-going.

By Ted Welford

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