Taxi driver has licence revoked following road rage incident

A Taunton cabbie has had his licence revoked after this video emerged showing a shocking road rage incident involving a lorry driver.

Paul Toland lost his appeal after Taunton Deane Borough Council decided to revoke his licence after he drove across a grass verge with a passenger, then shouted abuse at the lorry driver, before pushing him so hard that he was knocked to the ground.

The council also deemed Toland, "not a fit and proper person to hold a taxi licence."

The footage shows the HGV being driven by Rich Yarnold on the A358 near Taunton when a Vauxhall Insignia taxi, driven by Toland, appears on the left-hand side trying to cut up the lorry. The HGV driver continues forward while Toland is forced to mount the kerb and continues to try to cut the lorry up.

The footage culminates in Toland confronting the HGV driver before he is filmed pushing the artic driver so hard that he is knocked to the ground, rage clearly visible on Toland's face as he does so.

Patrick Berry, executive councillor for environmental services, said: "The message is clear - driving that puts other road users at risk will not be tolerated.

"We expect taxi drivers to uphold high standards as they have the responsibility for the safety and security of their passengers and I am pleased to say that the overwhelming majority take that responsibility seriously."

As well as having his licence revoked, Toland was ordered to pay the authorities costs of £320.

WARNING: Video contains strong language

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