Shocking moment a red-light running cyclist is hit by a car

This is the shocking moment a cyclist was hit by a car after running a red light.

The incident in Ottawa, Canada, was captured on the dash cam of another motorist, Nick Fleury on July 15.

As Fleury goes through a green light a cyclist suddenly flies through a red and is hit by a Nissan Maxima to the right of the camera vehicle.

The bike is thrown into the air along with the rider, who isn't wearing a helmet. He is then seen getting back up and is reported to have suffered only minor injuries.

Fleury, who uploaded the video, wrote in the description: "This afternoon an Ottawa cyclist ran a red light and was struck by a car. This was my first day with a dash cam.

"There was actually a ghost car police officer directly on the corner. She witnessed everything and was immediately in position to help.

"Please pay attention while traveling no matter what method of transportation you use. Drive safe, ride safe."

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