Moment ‘maniac’ Mercedes driver chases after biker in road rage incident

Shocking footage revealing a Mercedes driver causing a road rage incident has been revealed.

Timotheos Salter captured the footage as he rode along with his wife Adie in Chester.

A white Mercedes E-Class Coupe can be seen accelerating rapidly behind the female biker as she innocently rides along ahead of him.

The Mercedes then proceeds to tailgate down the road for a while before attempting a dangerous overtake, which the driver fails to complete.

Salter can be seen confronting the driver about his behaviour, to which he receives a tirade of abusive language from the motorist in the Mercedes.

The driver also claims that it is illegal for bikers to move between two lanes, despite the Highway Code stipulating that filtering is perfectly legal.

Adie, of Broughton, Cheshire, posted the video on Facebook, stating: "Anyone know this numpty who thought it was a good idea to try to run me off the road this morning, simply because I filtered to the front of the queue of traffic.

"This is perfectly legal manoeuvre. I didn't cut him up or go too close to him. He was just annoyed I was in front and tried to use his car to intimidate me."

So far the video has received more than 25,000 views.

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