Watch detailed video explain new F1 cockpit shield

This footage shows an in-depth look at the new cockpit shield that is being tested on the current Ferrari F1 car.

The idea is to put a very lightweight, toughened screen at the front of Formula One cars in order to protect the driver from any potential flying pieces of debris.

The decision follows on from the accident that saw a spring from another F1 car strike Felipe Massa on the side of his helmet, fracturing his skull and causing him brain damage in the process.

IndyCar driver Justin Wilson died in 2015 in a similar incident, after a piece of debris from an accident in front of him struck his helmet and caused fatal injuries.

This is the third concept the FIA have used in a bid to find the best form of protection for racing drivers.

It has been developed by Italian company Isoclima and has been tested by Sebastian Vettel on his Ferrari at Silverstone during a practice this morning.

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