Slimy eels bring US highway to a standstill

Chaos has ensued on a highway in Oregon after a truck carrying eels overturned.

More than 3,402kg of slimy eels were being transported when the truck driver, Salvatore Tragale, attempted to make an emergency stop for roadworks ahead.

Eels in road

One of the 13 containers on board flew off and struck a car, which caused a chain reaction as four more vehicles became involved.

Some of the occupants of the cars involved suffered minor injuries. The road had to be closed as all the other containers spilled onto the highway creating a scene that resembled a horror movie.

Highway workers had to use a bulldozer to clear the mess before washing the highway of the sticky slime that the eels had.

The video shows the sheer scale of the damage, with gunge spewed across the highway with many dead eels mixed in among those who were still wriggling away.

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