Theresa May suggests she wants to stay PM for 'next few years' to deliver Brexit

Under-pressure Prime Minister Theresa May has suggested she wants to stay in the job for the "next few years" to deliver Brexit.

Mrs May has found her authority diminished since a disastrous General Election which she called to get a mandate for Brexit but ended having lost the Tories' House of Commons majority.

Since the vote, several Tories have openly disagreed with Government policy, with calls for the public sector pay cap to be lifted, apparent Cabinet tensions over Brexit spilling out in public, and reports of challenges to the PM's position being prepared.

While Mrs May's position has weakened, some senior Tories have insisted there is no public appetite for either another leadership battle or general election, as Labour has seen its lead in some opinion polls grow.

And the Prime Minister told the Sun: "There is a job to be done here, over the next few years.

"I want to get on with doing that job."

In an exclusive interview, Mrs May also acknowledged mistakes in the election campaign.

"'Me' was that speech on the steps of Number 10 a year ago... but that didn't come across in the campaign," she said.

The PM also said the Tories had not spent enough time attacking Labour's manifesto or reaching out to young voters who backed Jeremy Corbyn and his party.

"We did not do enough not just on the positives of the economic record we had, but also the negatives of what Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto would mean for people," she said.

On young voters, she added: "Obviously for us, we have to think about the message we have for those young people."