Watch hilarious moment an Italian Tuk Tuk fails to climb a hill

This is the hilarious moment a little three-wheeled pickup packed full of wood attempts to climb a steep hill – and it all goes wrong.

The side-splitting moment captured on film in Italy shows two men waiting at a junction as the Piaggio Tuk Tuk attempts to drive up a steep hill, which it can't quite make.

The men can't stop laughing as the Tuk Tuk fails to get up the hill and eventually gives up.

It then drives down a road nearby and takes a run up to try and see if this tactic will work.

The little Piaggio can be heard revving hard when suddenly it topples backwards, with all the wood it is carrying falling out into the roadway, leaving the driver inside in mid air.

The two men are in convulsions, adding to the comedy of the moment as the driver opens the door and is sat laughing too, along with his passenger.

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