Skip lorry takes a tumble

A skip lorry has been filmed falling over as it collected a skip-bag.

CCTV captured the incident as it unfolded in the Paulsgrove area of Portsmouth last month.

The footage shows the collection lorry arriving to take away a Hippo skip-bag. But, as it moves its crane into position and begins lifting the skip, all does not go as planned.

At first the crane seems to struggle to manoeuvre the bag into position, when suddenly the entire lorry begins to move as the crane dips forward.

A worker standing nearby can be seen throwing his hands onto his head in disbelief as the lorry tumbles over, landing on a silver Honda Jazz parked next to it.

Meanwhile, the crane slips through some branches of a tree before coming to rest on the ground along with the truck.

The hilarious caption by HGV Dash Cam Footage, which uploaded the video, reads: "Seems even Hippos need to have a lay down in the shade in this heat wave we are having."

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