Mayor of Mexican town marries alligator

There are some strange traditions around the world but this one is both hilarious and scary.

Victor Aguilar, the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula in the state of Oaxaca in Southern México, married a caiman alligator as part of a tradition that is supposed to bring good luck to the town.

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The reptile bride had a very eventful day.

She wore a white dress and was paraded around town before the ceremony.

After the ceremony, there was music and of course the bride and groom had their first dance.

Back in the day, the Hueva Indians arrived on the land of the Chontales on the Pacific and the two had issues with each other that only stopped when the son of the king of the Chontales and the daughter of the king of the Huales got married.

Hopefully the mayor won't get bitten when he kisses his new bride.